It’s not too late to join Fridley Historical Society!

If you are not a member or have not renewed your membership – we make it simple. Just print this page, make your check payable to the Fridley Historical Society and mail the form and check to us at Fridley Historical Center, 611 Mississippi St. NE, Fridley, MN 55432. We are no longer sending out membership cards – your renewal will be acknowledged in our newsletter. Thank you for your support.

<_______________clip here______________>

2014 dues: One senior—$10, one individual—$12.50; Family (2 adults, same household) $18.50. Please consider making an additional donation to help us reach our goals.

Dues $__________________ Additional tax-deductible donation $___________________________________

□   Check here to request an IRS donation receipt.


Street Address________________________________________________________

City_________________________________ State ________ Zip ______________

Phone _______________________ E-Mail ________________________________

Thank You!

Office Use Only:  Re___________  Ak___________ Mtg__________ Nwl__________

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