Fridley Its History and Its PeopleFridley—The History and People  by Fridley Historical Society, Fridley, Minnesota published in 2008 provides a wealth of historical information and family information of the pioneer families that settled and built our community. This book is available at: Bob’s Produce and the Fridley History Center.

Local authors help support Fridley Historical Society

Mr. Taylor’s books are available for purchase at Bob’s Produce, Ricky’s Embers, Fridley History Center, Ron’s Barber Shop and Buzz’s Barber Shop or you may email Mr. Taylor for a autographed copy at

NightSirensThe Night the Sirens Blew by Allen Taylor  In this second paperback edition, presents an exhaustive and most comprehensive book written about the worst tornado outbreak ever to strike Minnesota. This book focuses on the two elements of informative, sometimes shocking accounts of the people who experienced and lived through those tornadoes and factual documented information from a meteorological view. The result is a fantastic, interesting read that will promote the reader to respect the incredible power of nature’s most violent storm and heed the future warnings of these outbreaks. (To order book on Amazon)

HiddenRevealedHidden Revealed by Allen Taylor  That night was one of the darkest in Minnesota history but it also became a shimmering light of hope and optimism. I was enabled to dig deeper for the story behind the story. There are over 40 never before published photos which will take your breath away in the emotions that followed those storms.Choosing a title for a book is like trying to name your newborn child. The “Hidden Revealed” continues to dig deeper into the slowly diminishing body of information that exists in current form. The greatest generation were able to overcome the total destruction of that night and rebuild their lives into better ones. Even though this group of witnesses are now in the age group of 50 – 100, there wasn’t one person who will ever forget that night nor the presence of GOD that aided them. This book continues where the last book ended, with new, revealing data that shows how historic and strange these monumental storms were. The three waves of storms that stomped over the Twin Cities that evening were unprecedented. As the reader will discover, there were far more than 6 tornadoes that have been suggested by antiquated history. Many eyewitness reports collaborate with WCCO radio reports along with other authorities. It is not my intention to discredit earlier theories but to enhance this information with new documentation and proclaim the presence of GOD which appeared to thousands that night. I had the incredible pleasure of meeting Pastors Robert Kendall and Norm Eitrheim who were pastors in the Fridley area during the tornado outbreak. Their stories of finding “jewels” in the destruction and debris is awe-inspiring. (To order on Amazon)

To learn more about Allen Taylor and his mission to provide emergency tornado preparation and the most comprehensive 1965 Twin Cities tornado data ever published visit

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