Past Holiday Exhibits a Great Success!

IMG_2319_1_1Great Success

“Christmas” Exhibit


Spark those holiday memories this year to share with the younger generation!

Click to learn more — Here you can take a peek inside our museum.

By Mary Ann Hoffman

Despite some days of snow and bitter cold, the Fridley History Center was a warm and welcoming stop for 440 visitors during our “Totally Awesome 1980s Christmas.” Those who were young during the ’80s were able to relive the decade — and sometimes share it with their children — by pointing out Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears, Simon, Transformers, Rubik’s cubes, an Espirit shoulder bag, and many other items. Other attractions were the sports memorabilia, Fridley High School ’80s yearbooks, Christmas catalogs, trivia, visiting with Santa, and drinking a cup of Christmas tea. A raffle, sales of vintage Christmas ornaments, proceeds from the Ms. PAC-MAN arcade game, and donations helped support our efforts for 2017 – Thank you!

Great holiday family event!

IMG_2317_1  IMG_2372_1  IMG_2367_1  IMG_2338_1IMG_2398_1  IMG_2344_1  IMG_2350_1  IMG_2342_1_1

The Fridley History Center founded by the Fridley Historical Society, is the only community-based historical museum in Anoka County. It is located in an old 2-room schoolhouse built in 1931, it features many exhibits of Fridley history and numerous artifacts and historical photos on two floors. It is open to the public on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.

Plan to bring friends and family in 2017! Bring the grandchildren!

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